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Piazzetta Family - The trip without return - Emigration

The trip without return - Emigration

As so many other venetos, in the year of 1890 Francesco Piazzetta, widower with five children, for the difficult life conditions in Pederobba of then, with the lack of perspective of a worthy future for its children, he decided to emigrate to Brazil.

This was one of the decisions most difficult of its life that implied in a radical change starting from then. Of a side, the difficult crossing of the unknown ocean, with all the possible dangers during the long travels of more than thirty days.

Also the almost total lack of knowledge of the earth that waited for them, the almost strangerBrazil, the promised earth, with yours decanted marvels.

On another side, even so, the faith and the great conviction of expiring, of they be free in a country that it was believed of great future, where could build a new life.

Taken the decision, Francesco bought the notes and he requested the passports for the trip. It placed the sale the few goods that it possessed, making a small quantity of money
that would be used in the reconstruction of its lives in the new Homeland.

To the they leave they left in Pederobba the firstborn daughter and sister Giovanna Antonia, then already married with Luigi Viviani, the one which never again they see it again.
Thus, in the month of September of 1890, Francesco Piazzetta and the children: Giovanni Battista with 19 years, Colomba Rosa with 14 years, Noé with 11 years and August Aurora with 10 years, they for ever left its dear homeland for never again they return.


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