Thursday, July 13, 2006

Piazzetta Family - The first migration

The first migration

Leaving the city of Feltre, the members of the Piazzetta family , if they went more for the south, stopping in the municipal district of Alano di Piave, still in the county of Belluno.

It was in this city that we found registrations of the presence of Francesco Antonio Piazzetta, married with Giacomina Simoni.
In Alano di Piave they had several children and enter the ones which Giuseppe Piazzetta.

Giuseppe Piazzetta was born in Fener, district of the municipal district of Alano di Piave, county of Belluno, on June 22, 1808 and it died in the year of 1878, with the 70 year-old age.

It was married with Caterina Franco, born on October 26, 1809, in Vaz's neighboring city, county of Belluno and died in 1841 with the 32 year-old age, having been buried in Fener.

The couple Giuseppe Piazzetta and Caterina Franco had several children, everybody born in the district of Fener, municipal district of Alano di Piave, and among them we got to locate the documents of: Francesco, Giuseppe, Maria Giustina and Teresa Matilde.


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