Friday, July 14, 2006

Piazzetta Family - The arrival in the new earth

The arrival in the new earth

Of train they went to the city of Genova where they embarked destined for America, name that was Brazil then known. After more than thirty days of ship trip to cross the ocean Atlantic, finally they arrived in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the federal capital of Brazil.

They were installed in lodgings for emigrants in the Island of the Flowers, for they execute the obligatory period of quarantine. Thus, after forty days they embarked in the ship Rio Negro destined for Porto of Paranaguá, end of this trip and where they arrived on October 14, 1890.

In Paranaguá, Francesco Piazzetta skilled artisan, he exercised the old family activity, working the wood in the construction of doors, windows, parquets, linings and sculpted mobile. The children were also initiate in the same activity.

With the conclusion of the railroad Paranaguá—Curitiba, Francesco Piazzetta with its children they were transferred for this last city, capital of the state of Paraná, placed in a highlands, to 990 meters on the level of the sea, where the climatic conditions are very similar to those of the native city in Veneto.

They established dwelling in the Colony Agua Verde, today neighborhood, which initially belonged to Santa Felicidade parish, and where it was already very big, also today, the venetos presence and its descendants.


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