Friday, July 14, 2006

Piazzetta Family - Francesco and Maria

The children of Francesco and Maria

They were born like this in Pederobba, county of Treviso: Giovanna Antonia, Giuseppe Giovanno, Giovanni Battista, Giuseppe, Giuseppe Pompilio, Colomba Rosa, Noè, Augusta Aurora e Angelo.

Giovanna Antonia Piazzetta, also known as " Giovannella ", was born in 20. 03. 1867 and in 1888 it married with Luigi Viviani and they had two children: Luigi and Angelo Viviani. It didn't emigrate and it was living in Pederobba. We didn't still discover the year of its death.

In October of 2002, in view Pederobba, we knew Mr. Giovanni Viviani, grandson of Giovanna Piazzetta Viviani.

Giuseppe Giovanni Piazzetta, was born in 1869 and it died in 1872.

Giovanni Battista Piazzetta, was born in 17 of March 1871 and he died in Curitiba, PR, in 01 of July 1965. It was married with Antonia Nadalin died in 30 June 1943.

Giuseppe Piazzetta, was born in 1873 and it died in 1874.

Colomba Rosa Piazzetta, was born in 1876, it lived in the neighborhood Umbará and it died in Colombo, PR. It was married with Antonio Merlin.

Augusta Aurora Piazetta, was born in 26 of June 1880 and it died in Curitiba, PR in 14 of April 1969. It was married with Giacomo Di Giorgio and they had six children: Augusto, Adelina, Leonora, Maximo, Izaura and João.

Noé Piazzetta, was born on January 27, 1879, in the neighborhood Ghetto, in the city of Pederobba, county of Treviso. It died in Curitiba, PR on August 27, 1929. It was married with Luigia Pasello.


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