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Piazzetta Family - Noè Piazzetta

Noè Piazzetta

Noé Piazzetta was born on January 27, 1879, in the neighborhood Ghetto, in the city of Pederobba, county of Treviso. It died in Curitiba, PR on August 27, 1929.

When he was 8 years of age old, on December 29, 1886 it lost the mother Maria A. Segusino Verri.

He got married on June 11, 1898, in Curitiba, PR, with Luigia Pasello, known like Luiza, born in in 27 agosto1878, in Villa Bartolomea's city, county of Verona, daughter of Antonio Pasello and Theresa Bettarello.

The couple had five children: Nazareno Ernesto Piazzetta, Antonio Piazzetta, Maria Carmelinda Piazzetta - more known Colomba, Carlos Reinaldo Piazzetta and Francisco Piazzetta.

Nazareno Ernesto Piazzetta, born approximately in 1900 and died in 1980, he got married with it Cora Conrado and they had a son Yegor Piazzetta, born in 07 March 1933 and died in Passo Fundo, RS in 1994.

Antonio Piazzetta, born in 1902 and died in 1960, he married Raulina Rosa and they had a son Luiz Antonio Piazzetta - more well-known as Tonico, born in Curitiba in 14 November 1938.

Maria Carmelinda Piazzetta, known Colomba, was born in Curitiba, PR in 1907 and she died on July 28, 1996 in the same city. She married Mário Scaramuzza, doctor in Curitiba and they had three children: Maria Scaramuzza, already died, Mauro Scaramuzza and Luiza Scaramuzza Senff.

Carlos Reinaldo Piazzetta, was born in Curitiba, PR on April 21, 1910 and it died in the same city on August 02, 1991. He took the accounting course and he worked as bank. In 04 of March of 1943 he married Luiza Belleda, daughter of Casemiro Belleda and Ludovina Blanco, also immigrants, coming of the county of Orense, area of Galicia, Spain. They had two children: Luiz Carlos B. Piazzetta and Sérgio Paulo B. Piazzetta.

Francisco Piazzetta, died in 2005, in the city of Curitiba, Paraná, not leaving descendants.


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