Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Francesco Piazzetta and Giovanni Viviani

Photo of 01. 11. 2006 in Pederobba (TV)
Giovanni Viviani with 84 years, great-grandchild of Francesco Piazzetta,
with the great-grandfather's picture

Friday, July 28, 2006

Giovanni Battista Piazzetta - Curitiba

Giovanni Battista Piazzetta

Piazzetta Family - Giovanni Battista Piazzetta

Giovanni Battista Piazzetta, or Giobatta, he was born in Pederobba, County of Treviso, in March 17, 1871 and it died in Curitiba, PR, on July 01, 1965. It was married with Antonia Nadalin died on June 30, 1943.

Giobatta e Antonia - photo of 1941

Descending of Giovanni Battista Piazzetta and Antonia Nadalin

Friday, July 14, 2006

Piazzetta Family - Carlos Reinaldo Piazzetta

Carlos Reinaldo Piazzetta

Photo of 1930

Luiza Belleda Piazzetta

Photo of 1930


Piazzetta Family - Noè Piazzetta - Curitiba

Family Noè Piazzetta

Photo of December of 1910, done in Curitiba, PR.

In the photo, starting from the left:

Antônio Piazzetta

Nazareno Ernesto Piazzetta

Carlos Reinaldo Piazzetta, in the mother's Luiza Piazzetta arms

Noè Piazzetta

Maria Carmelinda Piazzetta

Note: Francisco Piazzetta was not still been born


Piazzetta Family - Noè Piazzetta

Noè Piazzetta

Noé Piazzetta was born on January 27, 1879, in the neighborhood Ghetto, in the city of Pederobba, county of Treviso. It died in Curitiba, PR on August 27, 1929.

When he was 8 years of age old, on December 29, 1886 it lost the mother Maria A. Segusino Verri.

He got married on June 11, 1898, in Curitiba, PR, with Luigia Pasello, known like Luiza, born in in 27 agosto1878, in Villa Bartolomea's city, county of Verona, daughter of Antonio Pasello and Theresa Bettarello.

The couple had five children: Nazareno Ernesto Piazzetta, Antonio Piazzetta, Maria Carmelinda Piazzetta - more known Colomba, Carlos Reinaldo Piazzetta and Francisco Piazzetta.

Nazareno Ernesto Piazzetta, born approximately in 1900 and died in 1980, he got married with it Cora Conrado and they had a son Yegor Piazzetta, born in 07 March 1933 and died in Passo Fundo, RS in 1994.

Antonio Piazzetta, born in 1902 and died in 1960, he married Raulina Rosa and they had a son Luiz Antonio Piazzetta - more well-known as Tonico, born in Curitiba in 14 November 1938.

Maria Carmelinda Piazzetta, known Colomba, was born in Curitiba, PR in 1907 and she died on July 28, 1996 in the same city. She married Mário Scaramuzza, doctor in Curitiba and they had three children: Maria Scaramuzza, already died, Mauro Scaramuzza and Luiza Scaramuzza Senff.

Carlos Reinaldo Piazzetta, was born in Curitiba, PR on April 21, 1910 and it died in the same city on August 02, 1991. He took the accounting course and he worked as bank. In 04 of March of 1943 he married Luiza Belleda, daughter of Casemiro Belleda and Ludovina Blanco, also immigrants, coming of the county of Orense, area of Galicia, Spain. They had two children: Luiz Carlos B. Piazzetta and Sérgio Paulo B. Piazzetta.

Francisco Piazzetta, died in 2005, in the city of Curitiba, Paraná, not leaving descendants.


Piazzetta Family - The arrival in the new earth

The arrival in the new earth

Of train they went to the city of Genova where they embarked destined for America, name that was Brazil then known. After more than thirty days of ship trip to cross the ocean Atlantic, finally they arrived in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the federal capital of Brazil.

They were installed in lodgings for emigrants in the Island of the Flowers, for they execute the obligatory period of quarantine. Thus, after forty days they embarked in the ship Rio Negro destined for Porto of Paranaguá, end of this trip and where they arrived on October 14, 1890.

In Paranaguá, Francesco Piazzetta skilled artisan, he exercised the old family activity, working the wood in the construction of doors, windows, parquets, linings and sculpted mobile. The children were also initiate in the same activity.

With the conclusion of the railroad Paranaguá—Curitiba, Francesco Piazzetta with its children they were transferred for this last city, capital of the state of Paraná, placed in a highlands, to 990 meters on the level of the sea, where the climatic conditions are very similar to those of the native city in Veneto.

They established dwelling in the Colony Agua Verde, today neighborhood, which initially belonged to Santa Felicidade parish, and where it was already very big, also today, the venetos presence and its descendants.


Piazzetta Family - The trip without return - Emigration

The trip without return - Emigration

As so many other venetos, in the year of 1890 Francesco Piazzetta, widower with five children, for the difficult life conditions in Pederobba of then, with the lack of perspective of a worthy future for its children, he decided to emigrate to Brazil.

This was one of the decisions most difficult of its life that implied in a radical change starting from then. Of a side, the difficult crossing of the unknown ocean, with all the possible dangers during the long travels of more than thirty days.

Also the almost total lack of knowledge of the earth that waited for them, the almost strangerBrazil, the promised earth, with yours decanted marvels.

On another side, even so, the faith and the great conviction of expiring, of they be free in a country that it was believed of great future, where could build a new life.

Taken the decision, Francesco bought the notes and he requested the passports for the trip. It placed the sale the few goods that it possessed, making a small quantity of money
that would be used in the reconstruction of its lives in the new Homeland.

To the they leave they left in Pederobba the firstborn daughter and sister Giovanna Antonia, then already married with Luigi Viviani, the one which never again they see it again.
Thus, in the month of September of 1890, Francesco Piazzetta and the children: Giovanni Battista with 19 years, Colomba Rosa with 14 years, Noé with 11 years and August Aurora with 10 years, they for ever left its dear homeland for never again they return.


Piazzetta Family - Francesco and Maria

The children of Francesco and Maria

They were born like this in Pederobba, county of Treviso: Giovanna Antonia, Giuseppe Giovanno, Giovanni Battista, Giuseppe, Giuseppe Pompilio, Colomba Rosa, Noè, Augusta Aurora e Angelo.

Giovanna Antonia Piazzetta, also known as " Giovannella ", was born in 20. 03. 1867 and in 1888 it married with Luigi Viviani and they had two children: Luigi and Angelo Viviani. It didn't emigrate and it was living in Pederobba. We didn't still discover the year of its death.

In October of 2002, in view Pederobba, we knew Mr. Giovanni Viviani, grandson of Giovanna Piazzetta Viviani.

Giuseppe Giovanni Piazzetta, was born in 1869 and it died in 1872.

Giovanni Battista Piazzetta, was born in 17 of March 1871 and he died in Curitiba, PR, in 01 of July 1965. It was married with Antonia Nadalin died in 30 June 1943.

Giuseppe Piazzetta, was born in 1873 and it died in 1874.

Colomba Rosa Piazzetta, was born in 1876, it lived in the neighborhood Umbará and it died in Colombo, PR. It was married with Antonio Merlin.

Augusta Aurora Piazetta, was born in 26 of June 1880 and it died in Curitiba, PR in 14 of April 1969. It was married with Giacomo Di Giorgio and they had six children: Augusto, Adelina, Leonora, Maximo, Izaura and João.

Noé Piazzetta, was born on January 27, 1879, in the neighborhood Ghetto, in the city of Pederobba, county of Treviso. It died in Curitiba, PR on August 27, 1929. It was married with Luigia Pasello.


Piazzetta Family - The second migration

The second migration

For reasons of work, seeking better opportunities, Francesco Piazzetta migrated more for the south, starting to reside in the neighboring municipal district of Pederobba, then already in the county of Treviso.
We don't have knowledge of the year in that this change happened and if he migrated alone or in company of more some relative.

In the month of April of the year 1866 he married Maria A. Segusino Verri, this born on August 03, 1844, in the neighboring municipal district of Segusino, county of Treviso.

Maria A. S. Verri was daughter of Giovanni Verri and Antonia Faccin, according to researches born in the area of Lombardia, descending of the Verri family, of the city of Milan.

In agreement with reports of Francesco Piazzetta, the only material memory that remained of the Família Verri they was a tablespoon, a fork and a knife, in silver, with the heraldry of that family.

Him parents of Maria were proprietors of a small inn and restaurant to the margins of the river Piave, in the municipal district of Segusino, where they served the countless sailors of the rafts, in that time, they traveled the river, taking mainly wood of the county of Belluno destined for Venice.

Francesco Piazzetta and Maria A. Segusino Verri had nine children, everybody born in Pederobba, county of Treviso. For the precarious conditions of the life in Veneto of then, they had to still support the loss of four of them children.

They were born like this in Pederobba (TV): Giovanna Antonia, Giuseppe Giovanni, Giovanni Battista, Giuseppe, Giuseppe Pompilio, Colomba Rosa, Noé, Augusta Aurora e Angelo.

Maria Verri died on December 29, 1866, with the 42 year-old age leaving Francesco widower with several children to create.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Piazzetta Family - Francesco Piazzetta

Francesco Piazzetta

Francesco Piazzetta, was born in Fener, district of Alano di Piave, county of Belluno, area of Veneto, on October 16, 1839 and it died in Curitiba, Paraná on November 30, 1922. It was son of Giuseppe Piazzetta and Caterina Franco.

For reasons of work it emigrated for Pederobba, county of Treviso, still in the area of Veneto.

Piazzetta Family - The first migration

The first migration

Leaving the city of Feltre, the members of the Piazzetta family , if they went more for the south, stopping in the municipal district of Alano di Piave, still in the county of Belluno.

It was in this city that we found registrations of the presence of Francesco Antonio Piazzetta, married with Giacomina Simoni.
In Alano di Piave they had several children and enter the ones which Giuseppe Piazzetta.

Giuseppe Piazzetta was born in Fener, district of the municipal district of Alano di Piave, county of Belluno, on June 22, 1808 and it died in the year of 1878, with the 70 year-old age.

It was married with Caterina Franco, born on October 26, 1809, in Vaz's neighboring city, county of Belluno and died in 1841 with the 32 year-old age, having been buried in Fener.

The couple Giuseppe Piazzetta and Caterina Franco had several children, everybody born in the district of Fener, municipal district of Alano di Piave, and among them we got to locate the documents of: Francesco, Giuseppe, Maria Giustina and Teresa Matilde.


Piazzetta Family - The Remote Origin

The remote origin of the Piazzetta family

In whole the researches in Italy we always found very old references of Family Piazzetta's presence in the city of Feltre, county of Belluno. Thus, with base in those studies, we can conclude that the rootses of the great Piazzetta family are in this city and in its surroundings, once the geographical limits now known, they moved a lot in elapsing of the centuries.

In the beginning of the century XIV the city of Feltre was invaded and destroyed by the armies of the austro-Hungarian empire, commanded by Maximiliano I. Feltre was razed and this fact caused, certainly, a great exodus of the population for they escape from that tragedy.

The search for work, this important motor of the great migratory movements all over the world, it carted and still, in the days today, it continues motivating great displacements of populations.

In a surrounded and destroyed city, with certainty, it created the need to seek shelter and resources in other areas.

Those two were the reasons that forced Família Piazzetta's members they migrate her more to the south, still in the county of Belluno, in search of safety and work.


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