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Piazzetta Family - The second migration

The second migration

For reasons of work, seeking better opportunities, Francesco Piazzetta migrated more for the south, starting to reside in the neighboring municipal district of Pederobba, then already in the county of Treviso.
We don't have knowledge of the year in that this change happened and if he migrated alone or in company of more some relative.

In the month of April of the year 1866 he married Maria A. Segusino Verri, this born on August 03, 1844, in the neighboring municipal district of Segusino, county of Treviso.

Maria A. S. Verri was daughter of Giovanni Verri and Antonia Faccin, according to researches born in the area of Lombardia, descending of the Verri family, of the city of Milan.

In agreement with reports of Francesco Piazzetta, the only material memory that remained of the Família Verri they was a tablespoon, a fork and a knife, in silver, with the heraldry of that family.

Him parents of Maria were proprietors of a small inn and restaurant to the margins of the river Piave, in the municipal district of Segusino, where they served the countless sailors of the rafts, in that time, they traveled the river, taking mainly wood of the county of Belluno destined for Venice.

Francesco Piazzetta and Maria A. Segusino Verri had nine children, everybody born in Pederobba, county of Treviso. For the precarious conditions of the life in Veneto of then, they had to still support the loss of four of them children.

They were born like this in Pederobba (TV): Giovanna Antonia, Giuseppe Giovanni, Giovanni Battista, Giuseppe, Giuseppe Pompilio, Colomba Rosa, Noé, Augusta Aurora e Angelo.

Maria Verri died on December 29, 1866, with the 42 year-old age leaving Francesco widower with several children to create.


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